Malaika Charrington on Grace Gerbi

Grace Gerbi, age 16, is an intelligent and dedicated student at Crossroads College Preparatory school. She enjoys reading books about chemistry, playing the piano, and watching movies in her free time. In the future, she hopes to go to medical school and pursue her dream of becoming a neurosurgeon, while living a financially stable and debt-free life. In five years she sees herself continuing to get a good education close to home, and balancing work and school. Grace hopes to gain many things from On the Money magazine including good productivity skills, insight on how to write magazine articles, and instruction on how to conduct successful interviews. She is looking forward to contributing her insightful and well-written articles, her love for connecting with community members, and her fascinating skill in photography. If she won 50,000 dollars, she would open a charity for children and animals in underdeveloped countries (particularly Ethiopia), adopt a pet, and save the remainder of her profits, which would still be a substantial amount. Grace would love to see the group Hillsong United on the dollar bill, because she is inspired by their positive and inspiring message. Through her earnings from summer jobs, Grace hopes to save enough money for medical school.  Grace is very excited to be a part of the On the Money team, and is ready to produce a great magazine!

   Najee 's drawing of Grace, without looking at the paper. 

Najee's drawing of Grace, without looking at the paper.