The Ultimate Biography of Kevin Le by Quinton Le

  Another team member's drawing of Kevin without looking at the paper. 

Another team member's drawing of Kevin without looking at the paper. 

Kevin Le, contrary to the stereotypical Asian, dislikes studying. Instead, he enjoys reading random stuff on the internet and, in general, letting time off the leash. Of course, this often results in nasty cases of procrastination fever. This is not to say that he hates school work. In fact, physics is one of his favorite subjects because it’s all about uncovering the universe and its inner workings. Kevin, an upcoming senior, attends Metro Academic and Classical High School and is currently in the chess club and yearbook club. He passionately plays two instruments: the clarinet and the piano. These instruments, creating beautiful tunes in his ears, relieve the stresses of IB life. Kevin’s other musical interest is in Japanese vocaloids (artificially created singers), particularly Hatsune Miku. He has even claimed that he would place Miku as the central figure on the dollar bill for reasons unstated. In addition, Kevin consistently volunteers at the library and the hospital in order to fulfill the daunting task of 225 hours.  

His financial goal is to simply be above average in terms of wealth. If he had $50,000, he would save most of the money and invest the rest into various stocks. This investment, if carefully and analytically prepared, would propel his career into ultimate prosperity. On the Money is Kevin’s preparation to reach this prosperity.

Kevin is here to unleash his writing and editing skills. His writing is skillful, as he received $150 and a title of 1st place in a 2015 Martin Luther King writing contest. His editing is also formidable. Kevin is the team editor in IB Film and helps his mom create montages of family vacation experiences.  Overall, Kevin will be a powerful presence in the program through his pleasant personality and skillful abilities.



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