Making Money from Social Media

By Dominique Shields

Are people telling you that you are spending too much time on Instagram and Snap Chat? Do you feel like you want to make boss moves? Do you have a brand and don’t know where to start marketing? Did you answer yes to any of these questions? Then it’s time for you to monetize (produce money with) your social media!

Here’s how:

1.Build Your Brand Awareness

The most important thing is to get noticed first. When you see the Nike or Apple logo, you already know which logo goes with either company because they built their awareness. So make it your goal to build your social media following and create brand awareness. You also need to create circular momentum across many platforms when designing your social media campaign. That means promote your brand across all social media outlets like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

2.Offer Deals

So, people love things when they are free or cheaper than a regular price. They love getting deals and saving money. A good way to build your brand is to offer special deals for your new audience and discounts for your loyal customers. This doesn’t have to be a thing you do all the time, but when you need to pick up the pace with your social media, this is one of the best ways to do so. People will pay attention to your sites more when there’s something in it for them.

3. Know Which of Your Platforms Are Easiest to Monetize

You have to know which of your social media profiles is going to make you the most business and bring in the most activity. For example, if you know you are more likely to get clicks on Facebook than Twitter, spend time making sure your Facebook profile has the essential/strongest content for your brand or product. If you see that people are really engaging in your Instagram videos, spend time developing your YouTube or Vine profiles to get a better platform for your videos.

How do we know this works?