The Art of Investing In Yourself

On The Money's Najee Person sat with independent artist, Brock Seals, about his entrepreneurial journey. Brock's natural love of art has led him to create pieces that others love. Brock has even turned his art into a career. The journey has left Brock with an amazing story to tell. 

Photo By: Najee Person

How would you describe your style of art?

Brock: My style would be definitely colorful and vibrant. I try to evoke emotions within my artwork. I want it to strike you. 

What is the largest mount of money you have ever sold a piece for?

Brock:  I sold one for like a stack [$1,000]. That was like my first big step and I was thinking, 'It's real.' I can eat off this now.   

Who was your first art teacher?

Brock: Mr. Arnold. He painted me on the wall in my old elementary school and he was super cool. He was a super hero to me, I always felt like [Mr. Arnold] could do anything. 

Financially, how hard is it to be an artist in today's time?

Brock: You gotta work three times as hard for sure. I can't just create art alone. I have to work two other jobs. Sometimes it takes no off days. I'm adjusted to it now so its life to me. It's good to have incomes in line. Its definitely good to be financially stable when you're doing this because it's not cheap. You have to make an investment in yourself.

Do you have a savings plan that you follow to support your art?

Brock: Yes. I stay at a minimum amount and I try and save more then I spend. 

How important is money to you?

Brock: Money is important. Is it everything? No, not at all but it's just as close. It's like the next thing. You've got to survive to live your life on this earth.            

Where do you see yourself  in two years?

Brock: In two years I will be displaying my art across the world, touring, sharing my music. I will have at least an art gallery here in St. Louis for sure. Ideally, I'd like to have two art galleries across the world where I can hold my own shows. In two years, I want to be able to support myself full time creatively.