5 Reasons to Ignore That Too Good to Be True Craigslist Deal

by Najee Person

You need a car. You don't have a lot of money. Where do you go shopping? Craigslist. Then you question yourself, "This seems to good to be true. Is this person really gonna ship me this car? Is this person really leaving me their brand new car because they are enlisting in the army?" These are classic scams practiced on Craigslist. Check out more Craigslist scams to avoid here!

Jim Butler Auto Group Awards $10K to Teens

By OTM Staff

There are many possible distractions when it comes to driving. Those distractions can be things such as friends in your car, texting, snap chatting, etc. While you are distracted by those factors, you aren’t prepared for road hazards, pedestrians crossing the street, and more! Check out how these SLU High School students were awarded $10k for safe driving! Read more here!

Beware of Buy Here Pay Here!!

By Dominique Shields

You hear the ads on the radio all the time. You may even know a commercial by heart because you hear it so much. Not ringing a bell yet? Some places I’m talking about are InstaCredit AutoMart, CarHop, and OK Used Cars. Oh yes, those places. There are some things you should look out for when you visit these car lots. Check out the red flags here!

A Guide to Buying Your 1st  Car

by Dominique Shields

Right now you are at the age where you want your own car, right? Of course you are. It would be nice to not have to ask your mom and dad for a ride every time you want to go somewhere. Just a little bit of freedom is all you want. On The Money has your back. Check out our guide here!