Jim Butler Auto Group Awards $10K to Teens

By OTM Staff

Texting and driving isn’t a big deal right? False.


There are many possible distractions when it comes to driving. Those distractions can be things such as friends in your car, texting, snap chatting, etc. While you are distracted by those factors, you aren’t prepared for road hazards, pedestrians crossing the street, and more! Would you rather arrive at your destination alive, than be another statistic of consequences from texting and driving?

Consider choosing the safe route.

According to Jim Butler Auto Group, 48 area high schools participated in the contest, with close to 27,000 people taking the online pledge from May through September. The contest invited teenagers, parents, teachers and friends to sign Jim Butler’s Safe Driving Pledge at www.stlsafedriver.com.

The Jim Butler Auto Group: STL Safe Driver Pledge brings awareness of the dangers of distracted driving. Not only were clear expectations asked of the teens who participated, but also to the parents. Parents were asked to communicate safe driving expectations with their young drivers. That way everyone is accountable!

How choosing the safe route pays off.

 Photo via: stlsafedriver.com/pledge

Photo via: stlsafedriver.com/pledge

October 6, 2015, KTVI’s Fox 2 Morning Show announced St. Louis University High School as 1st place winners for Jim Butler’s Safe Driving Pledge.  SLU High School won $10,000 for having the most participants. Ursuline Academy placed 2nd and won $1000!

Selfies can wait.


There is a new phone launched at least once a year, a new computer, or tablet, which means another distraction. With every new model car, there are new add on’s such as Bluetooth capability, touch screen radio, a TV in the headrest, etc. There is a time and place to play with new gadgets, and that time is not while you’re driving. With this pledge of Jim Butler’s Auto Group, hopefully it encourages more students to participate in safe driving. The students of SLU and Ursuline Academy have won this contest but also have made a serious pledge that they must follow. Following a safety pledge makes more sense than texting while driving and crashing that nice ride you have. 

Source: http://www.stlsafedriver.com/pledge

Trep Start Day St. Louis: Entrepreneurs of the Future

By OTM Staff

Oct.5, 2015 On The Money had the opportunity to attend TrepStart Day!

What is Trep?


trep●start day /trƏ-p-stärt/ /dā/

According to Independent Youth, "A Trep, from the word entrepreneur, refers to an entrepreneur. TrepStart Day is a one-day, Independent Youth event where teens learn, lunch and launch into entrepreneurial thinking by interacting with successful teen entrepreneurs from around the US. Designed as a peer-to-peer exploration of entrepreneurial thinking and achievement know-how, TrepStart Day incorporates experiential education through a keynote address, interactive breakout sessions with successful teen entrepreneurs and our ExploreAVision competition kick-off."

TrepStart Day uses the art of entrepreneurship to give high school students a wider perspective on becoming an entrepreneur. During TrepStart Day St. Louis students heard from keynote speaker, Jerry Baldwin (co-founder of Starbucks Coffee)!  Many other speakers shared their entrepreneurial journey and road to success as well! After listening to very motivating speakers, students then divided into break-out sessions. Each break-out session was presented by a nationally-recognized teen entrepreneur (members of IY’s Teen Entrepreneur Network). These break-out sessions highlighted many angles of entrepreneurship. These angles varied from creating online platforms for teens to work together on school work, creating fashionable products, and more! This was followed by a networking lunch and a panel discussion.  Participants also enjoyed photo booths, a live band performance, and door prizes.

We had the chance to meet three very influential entrepreneurs at TrepStart Day! They are all innovative, risky and unique! Check out the following interviews below and learn how they took their passions to the next level!

Alexis Eliot, 15 year old inventor of EduPair. 

Aug, 2013, Alexis went on a family trip to Ghana. “I realized then that there was a difference of the educational experience in Ghana vs the educational experience in America. Why not bridge that gap and allow the students to learn from each other by generating different study tools?” says Alexis. The 15 year old inventor saw how difficult it was for students in developing countries to get an education. Alexis then created a platform for students all over the world to have the same academic opportunities. As one of five finalists in the nationwide Grow Your Own Business Challenge sponsored by Warren Buffett, it is safe to say EduPair is a much needed resource for students around the world.  Learn more at: www.myedupair.com

Remmi Smith, 15 year old owner of Cook Time with Remmi. 


Cook Time with Remmi is  a health-based cooking show for kids. Remmi reaches families in their kitchens by showing them healthy alternatives to preparing complete meals at home. Cook Time with Remmi began when she was only 14 years old. “Being a young entrepreneur, people don’t always take you serious. But it’s really gratifying when you can show that you have a solid business plan and you did create it.” Remmi is also a published author of cookbook, Global Cooking For Kids, and aspires to go to Culinary School and also college for business. “When starting your business, try to find investors around you. When they see the passion and drive that you have, they’d be more willing to invest, “states Remmi. With sponsors like as Whole Foods Market, No Kid Hungry, Independent Youth and more, it is clear that Remmi is a trusted advisor of entrepreneurship and healthy eating habits. Learn more at: www.cooktimewithremmi.com

Lachlan Johnson, 20, CEO of Trep-ology and Jake Johnson, 16, Co-Founder of BeauxUp

Lachlan Johnson, 20 and Jake Johnson, 16 are siblings and serial entrepreneurs that have conquered the business market ever since the young ages of 8 and 12. After appearing on Season 2 of ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank, the duo sold their first business, Flip Outs in 2013. Beaux Up and Trep-ology are two new companies the duo own. Beaux Up is a customized bow-tie brand. Trep-ology is an online platform teaching entrepreneurship skills to younger kids. “Entrepreneurial skills are a life skill. Effective communication, problem solving, creativity and innovation are life skills that we believe students need to succeed in life,” says Lachlan. “We took what we’ve learned from Flip Outs and Beaux Up, to teach students that they can also go for it. They don’t have to be afraid of being young or failure. You have to fail forward and continue moving down your path, that’s a part of the [entrepreneurial] process.” Starting their businesses at such a young age encouraged the duo to research different incubators, contests and challenges. The duo funded Beaux Up by winning $5,000 from The Warren Buffet Grow Your Own Business Challenge.  “Don’t let having the funding slow you down at all. There are so many people willing to give to young entrepreneurs. You just have to go for it. Don’t be afraid to go for it,” says Jake. If they didn’t go for their dream, they wouldn’t be able to say they had dinner with the legendary Warren Buffet! Learn more about these two at: www.trep-ology.com and www.beauxup.com

Trep-Start Day Break-out Sessions also consisted of the following:

“Discovering Your Passion & Turning it into a New Venture”
“Financial Responsibility & Investing Techniques”
“Effective & Efficient Marketing Techniques for Teens”
“Work/Life Balance of a Young Trep”
“Social Responsibility & Entrepreneurship”
“Getting Started in Tech”
“Product Development & Business Expansion”
“Startup Capital for Your New Venture”
“Day 1: Creating a Winning Strategy”
“The Top 10 Lessons I’ve Learned as a Young Entrepreneur”
“Managing Exponential Growth as a Young Entrepreneur”
“The Realities of Teen Entrepreneurship: The Good, Bad, & Ugly”
“More Than a Charity: Building a Strong Social Enterprise”

To find out more visit: TrepStartSTL



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