5 Inexpensive and Fun Options for Halloween

by Dominique Shields

Perhaps you have nothing else planned for Halloween night. Featured here are the ‘Top 5 Free and Fun Options for Halloween’. All these activities are inexpensive, yet fun and easy alternatives for the night.

5 Reasons Why You Should Open a Savings Account

By Dominique Shields

If you don’t know how to start saving your money, you should know by now that here at OTM, we will help you get what you need. If you don’t have the mindset to start saving right now, I strongly suggest that you do.You should open a savings account. Why? I’ll give you 5 reasons. Start by clicking here!

Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes

By Najee Person

Halloween costumes are either cheesy, expensive or too many of the same are available. You want to be something cool and different right? Check out our three costumes that are very unique, affordable and possibly free...and also COOL! Look here for inspiration!