4 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing Clothes

By: Emma Iffrig

When you buy your clothes do you ask yourself questions to ensure that your purchase is worth it? Well I do, and here are the questions I ask myself and the reasoning behind them.

 "Will I be able to re wear this?"

Don’t buy something that’ll you’ll only be able to wear once. I have a friend who once bought some white shorts and when we went to the boat house she ruined them. Ever since then, she has not been able to wear those shorts. Think about the experiences you may have while owning that item of clothing before purchasing it. You should be prepared for anything.

"How often will I wear it?"

This is such a common question people don’t take into account. You may see something that 'you have to have' and not even think about how much you’re spending on an item of clothing that you’ll only wear at most three times. There are some special occasions where you shouldn’t have to worry or think about it such as prom or your wedding.

"Can I find this somewhere else for a cheaper price?"

You can almost always find the same thing or something similar to what you’re looking for. Keep in mind that this will happen if you’re patient. Don’t go out looking for something and get the first thing that you see. Take your TIME before purchasing something. A big purchase doesn’t even need to be a clothing item; in fact it could even be about purchasing a new computer. Do your research and read other people’s reviews.

"Will it match anything else I own?"

Before buying ANY piece of clothing, ALWAYS ask yourself, “What else do I own that will match what I’m about to buy?” If you want or need to buy a shirt, but don't own any pants that’ll go with it, then you need to ask yourself, "How much am I really willing to spend on a whole new outfit?" Let’s give an example, Kawan is in the market to buy some new shoes, but the shoes he wants won’t go with anything else that he owns. The shoes are already $80, if he wanted to buy them and wear them, he’d also have to buy an outfit to go with them, which would cost you over $100 easily. This is when analyzing if its really worth it, will come into play.

The next time you go out shopping, make sure to ask yourself these questions. They may save you a full pocket of change!

Celebrate Red Nose Day! Help Kids in Poverty

 Photo By: Tubias Johnson

Photo By: Tubias Johnson

Red Nose Day is a fundraiser that is aimed at helping children in poverty. This program began in Britain in 1988, and at the time all of the proceeds went to kids in the UK and Africa. The program was brought to America in 2015, and is back again this year. Through certain businesses and organizations, donations are made and the proceeds are distributed to kids in need. To help promote Red Nose Day, NBC is hosting a live 2-hour broadcast, as they did last year, where celebrities come to have a good time while also donating.

The Red Nose Day program has already raised $1 billion dollars globally, and your contributions can keep this number going!

Here are some of the possibilities with some donation amounts:

$1- Could give a homeless child a meal in a shelter

$5- Get antibiotics to treat a kid with pneumonia

$35- Could get a child an eye exam or glasses

$4- Give antimalarial net to a child and his mother

$5- Provide materials needed for a doctor’s visit on a mobile clinic

$7- Could provide books and supplies needed to help a kid improve their reading skills during the summer

When donating to the program, you get a red nose that you can wear, and take selfies with and show your support on social media. We are ready for Red Nose Day! Check out our Pre-Red Nose Day Photoshoot we had!

Some of the businesses that are apart of Red Nose Day are local and ones that everyone uses, such as Walgreens. By purchasing items such as M&Ms, Coca-Cola, Orbit, Starburst, and Glade from Walgreens, you’ll be helping a less fortunate child and have something you can eat or use.

Reasons Why Shopping at the Mall Isn't For You...and That's Cool

By Najee Person

Have you ever looked at other places besides the mall when you go shopping? Good quality products can be found at thrift stores, department stores, and other outlets where prices are far less expensive than the mall. So I bet you’re asking what are the other outlets and what do they have to offer? Well let’s see!

Why do people prefer the mall?

Malls usually tend to have the best of the best when it comes to name brand wear. The mall is also filled with smaller stores that sell other items that can complete your outfit. For instance, shoe stores like Foot Locker, journey’s and if you’re trying to go for more of the grown man look the shoe display in Nordstrom will get you right. Also your local mall will carry other accessories that you might want to rock on your wrist or around your neck. Another thing that makes malls cool is they have cafeterias because who doesn’t like to eat. Serving some of your favorite foods like Qdoba, Panda Express and other restaurants you may adore. These are just a few things that will keep a person running back to the mall.  

But why not the mall?

The mall might not be the best place for you if you’re the type of person who likes to get in the store and get out. With the mall, you have to find parking, which takes time, and then possibly walk what seems like a mile walk to get from your car to the store you’re headed to. When you think of the mall, you may think the mall has what’s hot right? People like to wear exclusive things that no one would have. These people like to stand out and try not to be one of the ones who would look like everyone else. Often times the mall will carry these exclusive items that’s in high demand. So if it’s in high demand then there’s a good chance, you have to pay the price for it.

Then there’s thrifting to save the day...

Most people think that the thrift store is a place where people with low income go to shop for clothes. Well they are partially right, but fail to realize that there are just as many people who shop at the thrift store who are not really struggling financially. That very thought keeps people away from the thrift store and at the mall. The thrift store isn’t just for the penny-pincher and grandmothers anymore. Nowadays you can find all ages in the thrift searching for the find of the day that the last owner thought was trash or simply a bad memory.

Did you know that selling second merchandise has increased 7% in the past two years? Goodwill now operates over 2,500 nonprofit stores in the U.S. I even have a friend who found some Michael Kors clothes at a Goodwill and didn’t even pay over $5 for the total!

If you have been in a thrift store before then you would know that even when you catch a sale at the mall, most likely it still won’t be as low as the prices to what you find at the thrift store. Change your mind about the mall or thrift stores yet? Well if not there is nothing like taking that look for yourself and seeing what all of the noise is about. 

For more reasons check out this article by intern, Leonora here!

The Cost of Fashion and Entertainment from the 1990s vs Now

By Jenai Allen

The cost of fashion and entertainment the 90’s was a lot cheaper than it is now in the 2000’s. Some of the things we spend so much money on is just recycled from the 90’s. Maybe that’s why thrifting is popular! Even though, fashion and entertainment was popular in the 90’s and still is now; the cost is a tremendous difference.

In the 90’s it was all about your hair and fashion. The guys use to wear boxes and with the curly hair at the top, costing them about $8.The girls could get a regular wash and blow out for $15 or $25. To get micro braids in the 90s, it cost about $60. But now, the same hairstyle guys got in the 90’s cost close to $20 today! When the girls wore big braids in the the 90’s it would cost about $45 to $100 which is the same price as today.

Sports, TV shows, and movies were also popular in the 90’s. They had basketball games with players like Michael Jordan, who started the Jordan's shoe line. Did you know even Jordan's shoes were less pricy in the 90’s? According to Business Insider, Jordans started out at $65 in 1985...just 5 years before the 90s! Now Jordans are close to $200! Wow!

Jordan isn’t the only one making money. These days television companies are making lots of money. Some cable companies cost around $198 to get the whole package. Kids watch a lot of television and everything is a lot more with internet added with television.

This just shows how much prices has changed from the 90’s to now. Financially a lot has changed. Visually a lot  has changed but it's all going right back to the 90’s slowly. Consider spending wisely and find opportunities before spending unnecessary money.

3 Tips on Spending Less and Saving More

By Ariel Williams

Do you always spend more money than you plan to? Read about great ways to shop smarter. Never fear! There are ways to save while still being able to get things you need. Let On The Money teach you how.


Saving money is actually a lot easier than you think. Just set a budget and take the proper steps to follow that budget. Here are the steps.

  1. Create a budget:  Write down your priorities. How much money do you have? What do you NEED to buy? What things do you WANT? Need a budget sheet? Get yours here!

  2. Save it: Take out only the money you need to buy the things you need and go purchase those things. Leave the rest of the money at home! Think about if you really have to have the things you want.

  3. Repeat: Every time you get money, do the same thing. Create a budget. Save your money. Spend more on what you need and less on what you want.

Following these steps are a sure fire way to help you save your money and still get the things you need. How do you save? Let us know in the comments below! 

4 Tips to Help End Your Money Problems

By Karmin Wilson

One day I was sitting at my house, and I started thinking about my money problems. I basically make no money working two jobs. As teens, I realized that we have all sorts of things to pay such as; senior dues, and even prom. I even notice the bad money habits we have like, we are always spending money instead of saving. I always hear older people ask "Why don’t save your money?” If checks are just $150 what can we save if we have to pay our phone bills, get our hair done, and buy some food? Our check will be all gone in a week! I quickly learned how to change my money problems into helpful tips! 

1. Be thankful that you don’t have grown-up bills.

You may still get money from your parents, so you don’t have to really worry about the problems yet (but sooner or later it will be your turn). You reach out to your parents about spending their money but it is going to stop. Sadly you are going to have to get a job and spend your own money. Get it together while you’re still young, and not paying bills.

2. Put Some Money Aside

If your check isn’t what you expect, still put something aside. By simply depositing $20 dollars in your savings account, you will eventually have money for a rainy day. Flat tire? Need books for school? You'll have money saved for unexpected expenses. 

3. Stop Over Doing It

Overspending can also cause you to have money problems. We tend to overdo the shopping. We will talk in the car about what we want in the store, but we go in the store, and see other things that interests us, and we go shopping crazy! The more we spend, the less money we will have in the future when we really need it for a rainy day. Just save instead of spending unnecessarily. 

4. Don’t Give Your Money Out!

Do you lend money to family and friends that won't do the same for you? Stop giving away your hard earned money that you don’t have to spare. That money can be put to good use by putting it in your savings account, or paying off debt in the future. 

Hopefully these tips will help you! Do you have any that I didn't mention? Share your tips below!






8 Song Lyrics You Love About Money

By Ronald Walter

We listen to songs everyday and I bet you haven't tried to take some of the lyrics advice. Here are some lyrics that can help you save money.

Young Dolph “Get Paid ”

Rule number 1, get the money first, Rule number 2, don't forget to get the money.

Play by these rules and everything will be okay! What does it mean? As long as you're making money and paying your debt, you shouldn't worry about anything else because you can pay for your stuff.

Drake “Dreams Money Can Buy”

I got car money, fresh start money , I want Saudi money, I want art money

What does it mean? The money you have can be used for something bigger later. Just because it's a want doesn't mean you can't have it.

Big Sean "Mula”

 I get paid to the decimal, stacking plus taxing.

Can't guess the meaning? Save your money while paying taxes please.

Destiny Child “Bills,Bills,Bills”

Now you've been maxing out my card (card), Gave me bad credit, buying’ me gifts with my own ends, Haven't paid the first bill, but you're steady heady headed to the mall...

Meaning...If your going to cash out on a loved one using credit make sure you can pay the money back

Waka Flocka “50K”

Thumbing through the bands I be playing with a check, uh!

Meaning....count all your money to make sure you have a lot of it.

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis "The Money Song"

If you got it you don't need it, If you need it you don't got it

Meaning? It's really simple, if you don't have money, you can't spend it.


The more you spend it, the faster it go.

This means the more money you spend, the less you have after, but make you can also sure to invest in yourself.

Juicy J “Money a Do It”

I see ya got some haters, yeah money a do it.

Meaning? Haters come in and out of your life but if you constantly make more money they will hate forever. Don't let that get to you. 

Take these lyrics as a way to save, stack and glo up. Be mindful of what you do with your money and make smart choices that you won't regret later.