The Cost of Fashion and Entertainment from the 1990s vs Now

By Jenai Allen

The cost of fashion and entertainment the 90’s was a lot cheaper than it is now in the 2000’s. Some of the things we spend so much money on is just recycled from the 90’s. Maybe that’s why thrifting is popular! Even though, fashion and entertainment was popular in the 90’s and still is now; the cost is a tremendous difference.

In the 90’s it was all about your hair and fashion. The guys use to wear boxes and with the curly hair at the top, costing them about $8.The girls could get a regular wash and blow out for $15 or $25. To get micro braids in the 90s, it cost about $60. But now, the same hairstyle guys got in the 90’s cost close to $20 today! When the girls wore big braids in the the 90’s it would cost about $45 to $100 which is the same price as today.

Sports, TV shows, and movies were also popular in the 90’s. They had basketball games with players like Michael Jordan, who started the Jordan's shoe line. Did you know even Jordan's shoes were less pricy in the 90’s? According to Business Insider, Jordans started out at $65 in 1985...just 5 years before the 90s! Now Jordans are close to $200! Wow!

Jordan isn’t the only one making money. These days television companies are making lots of money. Some cable companies cost around $198 to get the whole package. Kids watch a lot of television and everything is a lot more with internet added with television.

This just shows how much prices has changed from the 90’s to now. Financially a lot has changed. Visually a lot  has changed but it's all going right back to the 90’s slowly. Consider spending wisely and find opportunities before spending unnecessary money.