4 Blogs/Websites You Need to Prepare for College

In high school your senior year can be one of the most straining years of school. You have to be consistent when applying to colleges and making sure everything is in line to graduate. You might have already started looking into college once you got to high school. Seeking counseling and tips for everything that has to do with college can go a long way throughout this difficult process. There are websites and blogs that offer help with getting ready for college, academically and otherwise. We have exclusive insider tips and an endless amount of resources to help you have a successful college start.

Admitsee Blog

Admitsee Blog gives all types of admission advice, from making the right choices to even advice after you get accepted to a college. How does it work? Other students come to support incoming students who are trying to fill out an application. This helps high school students improve their chances of getting accepted into the college of their dreams.

Khan Academy

Have you tried working with tutors and teachers, but you can’t seem to get anywhere? With Khan Academy, you can receive practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that enables students to learn at their own pace; and it doesn’t matter if you’re in the classroom or not. There are many subjects that students can choose to work from, but Khan Academy specifically focuses on getting ready for college math. Khan Academy has a “library” of math content to prepare students for testing like college placement exams.

Ivy Coach Blog

Are you an academically gifted young adult, interested in going to an Ivy League school? The Ivy Coach blog is catered towards that audience. Ivy league schools are highly selective regarding admission, so any amount of help would be in your favor. The Ivy Coach Blog helps students via Skype, telephone, and email. The Ivy Coach Blog can help you navigate through the mind  boggling maze of admissions.

National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC)

NACAC is dedicated to serving students as they make choices about pursuing post-secondary education. This organization has ensured that they help students from the first step; they offer resources for freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors,adults going back to school, and international students. There are 5 aspects of college that NACAC helps you with; college preparation, college search, applying to college, paying for college, and succeeding in college. There is almost no way you can’t get what you need with this website!

With these websites and blogs out there, you should be ready to tackle the hassle of preparing for college. After you check out these resources and read these blogs, you’ll be college ready when your time comes. For you lovely Seniors, now would be the time to check out the links we have because there’s only one semester left before you’re a freshman again.