The Truth Behind My Boss' Wallet

Written by Alashia Trotter, Dominique Shields and Tina May. Photos by Tina May. 


This month we have made a budget for Andy that will allow him to not only save money but have extra for his own pleasure.

This week Pocket Holes challenged Andy to improve his spending habits and create a budget for himself every month. After viewing his previous spending habits we realized we had to become his accountants to some extent. In the month of April we found that he spent carelessly at restaurants.

We asked Andy a few questions to see how he felt about being on a strict budget plan after being so careless before. Here’s what he had to say:

Alashia Trotter: What do you want the outcome to be from this budget?

Andy Johnson: I hope to be a more disciplined spender, so I put everything on one credit card…

AT: What do you think will be your biggest budgeting challenge?

AJ: My biggest budget challenge would be not going out and eating food at a restaurant. I work at a restaurant, so it’s hard, 'cause when I'm there and haven’t eaten a proper meal, I end up having to buy food.

AT: How do you feel about the way you’ve been spending before the budget?

AJ: I feel okay about it because I put everything on one credit card and then I pay the credit card off...but lately that’s not been sustainable, and I don’t feel good about that.

AT: Are you content with the budget or did anything about it freak you out?

AJ: Yes I am content I just think by me not being able to get any out food anymore I should be able to spend more on real food.

AT: What will you do better this month so that he’ll be able to save $420 by the end of this month?

AJ: I will not buy so much out food and start to cook more at home.

AT: Do you think you will be able to discipline yourself?

AJ: Yes I will be able to discipline myself because this is something I really want to do.

To sum all of this up Andy has the three of us down his back for the rest of the summer to make sure he is following his budget. Hopefully he will continue the strategies even after the summer is over and he will be able to meet his $5,000 in a year goal. I really don’t know anyone who actually can continue to save after so long, but hopefully we will push him hard enough that everytime he thinks about spending extra money he’ll think about us!