D.I.Y. Cheap & Easy Art Projects From Home

By Dominique Shields

Listen up guys, it’s time to start being nifty with our money. We need to build up our savings account so we can take that trip we want, or get that nice new car. But how are we going to save with everything costing so much nowadays? The On the Money Team has your back. We recently did three Do It Yourself art projects that can save you money on phone cases, dish-ware and even clothes.

Tie Dye Shirts

Have you ever tie dyed your shirt with Kool-Aid? This is a hidden masterpiece just waiting for you to create. Let’s learn the cool way to tie dye your shirt through the journey Najee took to create his.

What the stores are selling:

Najee saved $34.00 creating his own tie dye tee! 


What you’ll need:

  • White T-Shirt (or any LIGHT color)

  • Bowls (for every color you have)

  • Packs of Kool-Aid (one pack for each color you want)

  • Small bottle of white vinegar

  • Rubber bands

  • Iron

Simply done:

  1. Pour the Kool-Aid and an ounce of vinegar in individual bowls (separate for color)

  2. Twist the shirt up and put the rubber bands on there (tightly)

  3. Dip the shirt (make sure all sections are covered)

  4. Let the shirt sit for at least 24 hours

  5. After you let the shirt sit, remove the rubber bands and iron it for the colors to set in.

  6. Enjoy showing off your masterpiece!

If you want to step out and be more creative, I challenge you to tie dye your name on the shirt. Let us know how your shirt came out by sharing it on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page!

Phone Cases

We all have cell phones. And we have all been through the process of searching for the perfect phone case to dazzle our friends. The only thing about the dazzling case is the not so dazzling cost. You can end up paying almost $70 for the cute little cases you see in the stores and online.

Recycling an old case, or buying a plain case for just $1 can really pay off and keep your money in your wallet. Winnie found that out when she decided to try it out. 

Winnie re-purposed her old phone case and only spent $5 for her decorative supplies! In all Winnie saved $63 by making her own phone case instead of purchasing one online!

How did she do it?

What you’ll need:

  • Phone case

  • Decorative items (jewels, gems, synthetic flowers, ribbon, etc.)

  • All purpose adhesive glue

  • Adhesive bling monograms

Simply done:

  1. Arrange the design you want on the phone case

  2. Glue the design down one jewel or gem at a time

  3. Let dry

  4. Boast about your custom made case!

If you think you are more artistic, try getting sharpies to draw extra designs on your case, or even customize your name on your case!

Personalized Mugs

Tired of drinking out of those plain white cups, or you just want a splash of color in your life? We looked online to see what was out in the retail world and we found a cute coffee mug online!

You're tempted to buy that exclusive, decorated drinking mug but your pockets are asking you, 'How?' Explore how Dominique creatively made a simple coffee mug for her desk with these easy steps.

 Dominique saved $18.99 by purchasing a plain white coffee mug from the local Dollar Tree and using sharpie markers (and others) that she owned already!The sharpie mug is a great idea to give you that splash you need. You can have the simplest design, or go all out. And the mugs can be a great gift for your loved ones.

How did she do it?

What you’ll need:

  • Sharpies (whatever colors you want)

  • Mug

  • Oven

  • Acetone Nail Polish Remover

  • Napkins

Simply done:

  1. Have a design in mind.

  2. Draw the design you want

  3. Use the nail polish remover to correct mistakes (Don’t be afraid to mess up or try new designs!)

  4. Put the cup in the oven on 350° for about 30 minutes.

  5. Be careful not to burn yourself when taking the cup out, and sit it in the napkins to stand for 5 minutes and cool off. (if you have sharpie colors on the bottom of the mug, it will drip, so be careful not to mess up you counter/table)

Feel free to be more creative with the mugs by using cut out letters and glitter to spice up your artwork!

There are plenty other DIY arts and crafts you can do to save money. Going off to college and don’t want a plain room? Try decorating your new space with nothing but DIY projects and see how much you saved. Remember, there is always the possibility of doing these cool projects yourself and getting exactly what you want rather than spending too much money for someone else to do it.

What are some Do It Yourself projects that you've done? Comment below! We love new ideas!