DIY Holiday Decor!

By Ariel Williams

The Holidays are here and it’s time to start decorating for the occasion. Buying pre-made decorations can be fast and convenient but doing it yourself is a lot more fun and affordable.  Here are a few crafty and creative, DIY ways to spend quality time with family and friends while decorating your home for the holidays.


DIY Balloons: Glitter Balloons

Things you’ll need:

Multi Colored Balloons


Spray glue

Thin String


Holiday Cheer 

What to do:

  • Blow up balloon

  • Tie string to bottom of balloon

  • Place tape about 1½ inches above tied part of balloon

  • Spray glue under the taped area

  • Pour or dip glued portion of balloon into glitter evenly

  • Repeat with as many balloons as desired

  • Let Dry

  • Enjoy!

DIY Ornaments: Clothespin Snowflake

Things you’ll need:


Craft glue

White acrylic paint


Foam paintbrush

White glitter

Red string


Holiday Cheer 

What to do:

  • Carefully slide the metal clips off of eight clothespins and discard.
  • Reattach two wood clothespin pieces by gluing the flat sides together. Repeat for the remaining wood pieces.

  • Arrange these reattached wood pieces in the shape of a snowflake, as shown, and glue together at the base; let dry completely.

  • Apply white paint to the edges and one side of the snowflake. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle on white glitter. 

  • Once dry, flip the snowflake over and apply paint and glitter to the other side.

  • Slip a length of red string through one of the openings in the snowflake and tie the ends into a bow; use to hang. 

DIY Snow Globe: Mason Jars

Things you’ll need:

A Snowy Tree (good place to get it: Michael’s Craft Store)

Some pretty glitter

A mason jar

Clear gorilla glue

Little snow flakes

Holiday Cheer 

What to do:

  • Peel off any stickers on the bottom of the tree. Slightly wet the bottom of your tree & the center of the inside of the lid to the Mason jar. (GorillaGlue needs water to adhere)

  • Spread a thin layer of gorilla glue on the bottom of the tree (I used a q-tip) and add a small dot of it to the inside of the lid.

  • Clamp the tree to the lid and let dry for at least 60 minutes.

  • Once dry, add water, glitter, and whatever else you please to the jar.

  • Lastly, turn the tree upside down and place inside the jar. **Remember, when you place the tree in the jar it displaces some of the water, so be mindful when adding the water.

  • Press down on the lid (you may glue it if you'd like, but I didn't), then screw on the outer part of the lid tightly.

  • Turn the jar upside down, and you now have a snow globe!

DIY Room Décor: Glitter Bottles

Things you’ll need:

4 glass Coca-Cola bottles


Spray glue



Small ornaments

Permanent marker

2016 Stencils

Holiday Cheer! 

What to do:

  • Take top and label off of bottles

  • Tape “2” stencil to bottle

  • Spray glue all over bottle

  • Pour glitter evenly throughout entire bottle

  • Spray glue all over branches  

  • Evenly pour glitter all over branches

  • Let branches dry

  • Place inside bottle

  • Add ornaments in desired places on branches

  • Remove stencil

  • Repeat with other 3 bottles with “0”, “1”, and “6” stencils

  • Use as display, Enjoy!





DIY Party Hats:

Things you’ll need:

Metallic party hat

Different colored  garland

Hot glue

Holiday Cheer 

What to do:

  • Hot glue garland to bottom rim of hat

  • Repeat with different color garland on top of first one

  • Cut a smaller piece and hot glue to the top tip of hat

  • Let dry

  • Enjoy!

DIY Ornaments: Letter Blocks

Things you’ll need:

Small letter blocks

Super glue

Thick string

Holiday Cheer! 

What to do:

  • Select letters needed to create the words “Let it Snow”

  • Use super glue to connect the letters “L”, “E” and “T” side by side

  • Super glue letters “I” and “T” side by side on bottom center of “Let”

  • Super glue letters “S”, “N”, “O”, and “W” side by side on bottom of “It”

  • Super glue String to the top of the blocks, creating a necklace like loop

  • Let dry

  • Hang On Tree and Enjoy!