Reasons Why Shopping at the Mall Isn't For You...and That's Cool

By Najee Person

Have you ever looked at other places besides the mall when you go shopping? Good quality products can be found at thrift stores, department stores, and other outlets where prices are far less expensive than the mall. So I bet you’re asking what are the other outlets and what do they have to offer? Well let’s see!

Why do people prefer the mall?

Malls usually tend to have the best of the best when it comes to name brand wear. The mall is also filled with smaller stores that sell other items that can complete your outfit. For instance, shoe stores like Foot Locker, journey’s and if you’re trying to go for more of the grown man look the shoe display in Nordstrom will get you right. Also your local mall will carry other accessories that you might want to rock on your wrist or around your neck. Another thing that makes malls cool is they have cafeterias because who doesn’t like to eat. Serving some of your favorite foods like Qdoba, Panda Express and other restaurants you may adore. These are just a few things that will keep a person running back to the mall.  

But why not the mall?

The mall might not be the best place for you if you’re the type of person who likes to get in the store and get out. With the mall, you have to find parking, which takes time, and then possibly walk what seems like a mile walk to get from your car to the store you’re headed to. When you think of the mall, you may think the mall has what’s hot right? People like to wear exclusive things that no one would have. These people like to stand out and try not to be one of the ones who would look like everyone else. Often times the mall will carry these exclusive items that’s in high demand. So if it’s in high demand then there’s a good chance, you have to pay the price for it.

Then there’s thrifting to save the day...

Most people think that the thrift store is a place where people with low income go to shop for clothes. Well they are partially right, but fail to realize that there are just as many people who shop at the thrift store who are not really struggling financially. That very thought keeps people away from the thrift store and at the mall. The thrift store isn’t just for the penny-pincher and grandmothers anymore. Nowadays you can find all ages in the thrift searching for the find of the day that the last owner thought was trash or simply a bad memory.

Did you know that selling second merchandise has increased 7% in the past two years? Goodwill now operates over 2,500 nonprofit stores in the U.S. I even have a friend who found some Michael Kors clothes at a Goodwill and didn’t even pay over $5 for the total!

If you have been in a thrift store before then you would know that even when you catch a sale at the mall, most likely it still won’t be as low as the prices to what you find at the thrift store. Change your mind about the mall or thrift stores yet? Well if not there is nothing like taking that look for yourself and seeing what all of the noise is about. 

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