8 Song Lyrics You Love About Money

By Ronald Walter

We listen to songs everyday and I bet you haven't tried to take some of the lyrics advice. Here are some lyrics that can help you save money.

Young Dolph “Get Paid ”

Rule number 1, get the money first, Rule number 2, don't forget to get the money.

Play by these rules and everything will be okay! What does it mean? As long as you're making money and paying your debt, you shouldn't worry about anything else because you can pay for your stuff.

Drake “Dreams Money Can Buy”

I got car money, fresh start money , I want Saudi money, I want art money

What does it mean? The money you have can be used for something bigger later. Just because it's a want doesn't mean you can't have it.

Big Sean "Mula”

 I get paid to the decimal, stacking plus taxing.

Can't guess the meaning? Save your money while paying taxes please.

Destiny Child “Bills,Bills,Bills”

Now you've been maxing out my card (card), Gave me bad credit, buying’ me gifts with my own ends, Haven't paid the first bill, but you're steady heady headed to the mall...

Meaning...If your going to cash out on a loved one using credit make sure you can pay the money back

Waka Flocka “50K”

Thumbing through the bands I be playing with a check, uh!

Meaning....count all your money to make sure you have a lot of it.

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis "The Money Song"

If you got it you don't need it, If you need it you don't got it

Meaning? It's really simple, if you don't have money, you can't spend it.


The more you spend it, the faster it go.

This means the more money you spend, the less you have after, but make you can also sure to invest in yourself.

Juicy J “Money a Do It”

I see ya got some haters, yeah money a do it.

Meaning? Haters come in and out of your life but if you constantly make more money they will hate forever. Don't let that get to you. 

Take these lyrics as a way to save, stack and glo up. Be mindful of what you do with your money and make smart choices that you won't regret later.