Celebrate Red Nose Day! Help Kids in Poverty

 Photo By: Tubias Johnson

Photo By: Tubias Johnson

Red Nose Day is a fundraiser that is aimed at helping children in poverty. This program began in Britain in 1988, and at the time all of the proceeds went to kids in the UK and Africa. The program was brought to America in 2015, and is back again this year. Through certain businesses and organizations, donations are made and the proceeds are distributed to kids in need. To help promote Red Nose Day, NBC is hosting a live 2-hour broadcast, as they did last year, where celebrities come to have a good time while also donating.

The Red Nose Day program has already raised $1 billion dollars globally, and your contributions can keep this number going!

Here are some of the possibilities with some donation amounts:

$1- Could give a homeless child a meal in a shelter

$5- Get antibiotics to treat a kid with pneumonia

$35- Could get a child an eye exam or glasses

$4- Give antimalarial net to a child and his mother

$5- Provide materials needed for a doctor’s visit on a mobile clinic

$7- Could provide books and supplies needed to help a kid improve their reading skills during the summer

When donating to the program, you get a red nose that you can wear, and take selfies with and show your support on social media. We are ready for Red Nose Day! Check out our Pre-Red Nose Day Photoshoot we had!

Some of the businesses that are apart of Red Nose Day are local and ones that everyone uses, such as Walgreens. By purchasing items such as M&Ms, Coca-Cola, Orbit, Starburst, and Glade from Walgreens, you’ll be helping a less fortunate child and have something you can eat or use.