Saving Gas Like a Boss

Spend less on gas, go more places

Written by: Malaika Charrington, Kevin Le, and Quinton Le

Each year, the average American spends over $2,000 on gas. Assuming a person bought their own gas from age 18 to 68, they'd spend over $100,000 on gas in their entire life.

What if we told you that a large portion of this spending is unnecessary? With today’s high gas prices, it’s easy to give up on trying to save gas money. But with our helpful tips, you’ll start to save hundreds on gas. There are also many tools to use including Shell’s Fuel Rewards Program, the GasBuddy website and app, and the Car Care app.

Tips and Tricks You May Not Know— The most efficient way to save gas money is to simply preserve gas fuel. Here are some tricks to use less gas:

  1. Avoid driving over 50 mph and stick to a constant speed Most cars shift into high gear after exceeding 50 mph, using significantly more gas. Holding the pedal at a slower, steady rate and using cruise control keeps your gas usage at a healthy minimum—“almost 14 percent better mileage” according to CNN. In general, driving safely and sensibly saves money and lives.

  2. Get rid of unnecessary junk that weighs your car down—This is especially important for lighter cars. Increased weight decreases speed and efficiency. Your car will have to work harder, using more gas to move excess loads.

  3. Accelerate slowly and stop slowly—The Land Rover SUV was said to have had “35.4 percent [better mileage]” when tested using the gas-saving techniques of accelerating slowly and stopping slowly rather than abruptly, according to the aforementioned CNN.


The following are a couple tools to use...

SHELL’S FUEL REWARDS PROGRAM allows you to save money on gas at Shell simply for being a member. You can save 3 cents per gallon permanently this way. Additionally, you save more by earning rewards points. These rewards can be spent to lower the price per gallon of gas (up to 20 gallons). You can earn rewards simply by eating out with certain credit cards, shopping online, etc. The rewards can be spent at any Shell station, and you can even get the Shell Motorist app to locate Shell stations as well as track your rewards points.

GasBuddy describes gas prices as “one of the few things that are as volatile and unpredictable as the weather.”

GASBUDDY is a free app and website that’s dedicated toward helping you find the lowest gas prices. Simulating a weather station, gas prices are constantly updated on their website. GasBuddy also helps you plan out the shortest traveling routes for long road trips. They list gas prices for tons of different locations throughout the United States and Canada. Gas prices can vary as much as 20% within a few blocks of each other, so using apps like GasBuddy will help you save tons of cash.

CAR CARE is another app to be considered. This app tracks the fuel economy for your car(s) and reminds you about regular maintenance check-ups. Additionally, it shows how certain types of fuel will perform in certain types of cars, allowing you to make smart decisions in selecting your fuel. This, in turn, increases your car’s potential,  as you drive more and burn less.

Now, rather than blindly following urban legends, like overflowing your gas tank or keeping your gas tank half full (both things could be potentially damaging and wasteful), utilize our tricks and consider Shell’s Fuel Rewards Program, Gasbuddy, and Car Care. Fuel may not come cheap these days, but saving gas will be easier than ever if you simply follow our advice.