4 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing Clothes

By: Emma Iffrig

When you buy your clothes do you ask yourself questions to ensure that your purchase is worth it? Well I do, and here are the questions I ask myself and the reasoning behind them.

 "Will I be able to re wear this?"

Don’t buy something that’ll you’ll only be able to wear once. I have a friend who once bought some white shorts and when we went to the boat house she ruined them. Ever since then, she has not been able to wear those shorts. Think about the experiences you may have while owning that item of clothing before purchasing it. You should be prepared for anything.

"How often will I wear it?"

This is such a common question people don’t take into account. You may see something that 'you have to have' and not even think about how much you’re spending on an item of clothing that you’ll only wear at most three times. There are some special occasions where you shouldn’t have to worry or think about it such as prom or your wedding.

"Can I find this somewhere else for a cheaper price?"

You can almost always find the same thing or something similar to what you’re looking for. Keep in mind that this will happen if you’re patient. Don’t go out looking for something and get the first thing that you see. Take your TIME before purchasing something. A big purchase doesn’t even need to be a clothing item; in fact it could even be about purchasing a new computer. Do your research and read other people’s reviews.

"Will it match anything else I own?"

Before buying ANY piece of clothing, ALWAYS ask yourself, “What else do I own that will match what I’m about to buy?” If you want or need to buy a shirt, but don't own any pants that’ll go with it, then you need to ask yourself, "How much am I really willing to spend on a whole new outfit?" Let’s give an example, Kawan is in the market to buy some new shoes, but the shoes he wants won’t go with anything else that he owns. The shoes are already $80, if he wanted to buy them and wear them, he’d also have to buy an outfit to go with them, which would cost you over $100 easily. This is when analyzing if its really worth it, will come into play.

The next time you go out shopping, make sure to ask yourself these questions. They may save you a full pocket of change!