3 Tips on Spending Less and Saving More

By Ariel Williams

Do you always spend more money than you plan to? Read about great ways to shop smarter. Never fear! There are ways to save while still being able to get things you need. Let On The Money teach you how.


Saving money is actually a lot easier than you think. Just set a budget and take the proper steps to follow that budget. Here are the steps.

  1. Create a budget:  Write down your priorities. How much money do you have? What do you NEED to buy? What things do you WANT? Need a budget sheet? Get yours here!

  2. Save it: Take out only the money you need to buy the things you need and go purchase those things. Leave the rest of the money at home! Think about if you really have to have the things you want.

  3. Repeat: Every time you get money, do the same thing. Create a budget. Save your money. Spend more on what you need and less on what you want.

Following these steps are a sure fire way to help you save your money and still get the things you need. How do you save? Let us know in the comments below!