4 Tips to Help End Your Money Problems

By Karmin Wilson

One day I was sitting at my house, and I started thinking about my money problems. I basically make no money working two jobs. As teens, I realized that we have all sorts of things to pay such as; senior dues, and even prom. I even notice the bad money habits we have like, we are always spending money instead of saving. I always hear older people ask "Why don’t save your money?” If checks are just $150 what can we save if we have to pay our phone bills, get our hair done, and buy some food? Our check will be all gone in a week! I quickly learned how to change my money problems into helpful tips! 

1. Be thankful that you don’t have grown-up bills.

You may still get money from your parents, so you don’t have to really worry about the problems yet (but sooner or later it will be your turn). You reach out to your parents about spending their money but it is going to stop. Sadly you are going to have to get a job and spend your own money. Get it together while you’re still young, and not paying bills.

2. Put Some Money Aside

If your check isn’t what you expect, still put something aside. By simply depositing $20 dollars in your savings account, you will eventually have money for a rainy day. Flat tire? Need books for school? You'll have money saved for unexpected expenses. 

3. Stop Over Doing It

Overspending can also cause you to have money problems. We tend to overdo the shopping. We will talk in the car about what we want in the store, but we go in the store, and see other things that interests us, and we go shopping crazy! The more we spend, the less money we will have in the future when we really need it for a rainy day. Just save instead of spending unnecessarily. 

4. Don’t Give Your Money Out!

Do you lend money to family and friends that won't do the same for you? Stop giving away your hard earned money that you don’t have to spare. That money can be put to good use by putting it in your savings account, or paying off debt in the future. 

Hopefully these tips will help you! Do you have any that I didn't mention? Share your tips below!