5 Emergencies to Financially Prepare for in 2016

By Jenai Allen

Have you ever had a situation happen and you weren't financially prepared? Have you ever gotten a flat tire while in a rush to get somewhere, and didn’t have money to fix it? Or have you gotten into a car accident, and did not have the money to resolve the situation in a timely matter? Are you a high school senior thinking about going to college in the future? Some applications require a fee to be sent off along with your grades and transcript and test scores, the total costs will add up. Oh, and don’t forget senior dues. Guess what, they’re expensive. They are expensive just like medical visits and are not cheap. Emergencies like this occur and our advice reinforces why saving for them and just saving in general is necessary.   

Flat Tire

 Illustration by  Brock Seals

Illustration by Brock Seals

If  you were to get a flat tire, it could really effect  you time wise. A flat tire could make you late for school and make you late for an interview or job. We found a couple of ways to fix that problem.

  • Fix a flat that will cost $5.

  • Buy some affordable tires from Walmart from $60.                                                                     

        Senior Dues and Application Fees

If you are having a problem paying for senior dues,or college application fees you could just go to your school counselor and get help. You can ask if they can put a fee waiver on your college applications. Or you could hold a fundraiser to raise money for you senior dues. Sometimes college applications could cost up to $30 -$150.

Car Accident

 Illustration by  Brock Seals

Illustration by Brock Seals

If you had a car accident then you would have to pay for repairs and if there are minor damages it would be around $500 to fix. It's major damages it would cost about $200-$1000.

Medical Visits

 Illustration by  Brock Seals

Illustration by Brock Seals

And most likely you are going to get hurt in a car accident so you will need to go to the doctor so you can make sure you aren't seriously damaged. And you would most likely need a monthly dentist appointment. All of that would cost up to $69 for the doctor and $417.00 for the dentist.

Now that we’ve given 5 emergencies that can be chaotic and require a large sum of money, hopefully you’ll  be financially ready for something along these lines.