Affordably Living as a Student

By: Khyle Buchanan and Tubias J.

School is almost in session for college students and if you’re living on campus then you could be both excited and nervous to finally be away from home. You’re no longer under parental supervision, but at the same time you’re on your own and that means you now have to take care of yourself. Normally parents help with the really expensive things you need like a television, lamp, sheets, a microwave, and a mini fridge, which leaves you with things like food, toiletries, and laundry supplies. 

For those still in high school, it’s time for new supplies, maybe even a new wardrobe. Not to worry, together we will take a look at the best and affordable options you have to take care of yourself this school year.

What will I eat?

College meal plans are normally mandatory for living on campus. Unless you don’t mind paying a hefty price, I doubt the meal plan will be the most reliable source of food. There are always options for takeout. Be mindful that takeout can be a strain on your wallet too. A nice alternative to the two of these is buying quick foods from the grocery store that you can make when you’re in a hurry. Pizza rolls, ramen noodles, milk, and cereal are among the best options for any student that lives on campus because it takes care of breakfast and lunch allowing you to use your meal plan for a nice dinner.

Cafeteria food is something you either love, or hate. If you’re one of those that hate it, you can always try purchasing and bringing your own to school. Keep in mind it is only lunch, you don’t need a full course meal. Even bringing leftovers will do.How will I stay fresh? Dollar General is a good place to buy toiletries. They have the same stuff as a place like Walmart, but it’s actually cheaper. They have things like twin packs of deodorant for $4.55 instead of you having to pay $5.30 for two single sticks. They also have name brand items such as toothpastes, lotions, soaps, even school supplies that you can normally get a deal on depending on the location. Dollar General is also a good place to go get laundry supplies. They carry multiple brands of detergent and sell them at affordable prices. If you are going to college, depending on what school you attend there may not be a Dollar General near by. No worries, equal to Dollar General are stores like Dollar Tree and Family Dollars.Okay, I have food and deodorant. But what about clothes?

"School is not a fashion. You go there to learn and do your work,said by probably every parent ever. But if you must have new clothes, look into stores like Marshall's and Ross. They have tons of name brands for a lesser price than if you were to go to the mall.With college it's different. Don't go and try to create a new identity, your fashion scene will grow along with yourself. Pack things that you wear on a regular bases. And don't let you school spirit control you to go buy a bunch of clothing from the school store. Chances are you will receive a bunch of t-shirts, for free! Invest in comfortable wear shorts, sweat pants, buy clothing as you need it. In addition, don't over pack. You may be sharing a room, so space will be critical.

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 The 'it's better to have than need it' is true, but to have it and know it was a bargain, makes having it even better.