Are You An Online Shopper or a Mall Shopper?

By: Latahjia Robinson

Is it hard for you to shop for clothes that are trendy and inexpensive? Are you tired of searching through tons and tons of clothes to look for a certain shirt or pair of pants that someone from your school had on? There are several reasons why online shopping is better than going to the mall, and I’m here to tell you why.


With online shopping you don’t have to worry about waiting in a long line or going early before it gets crowded. Shopping online is especially good for teens who are on a budget. You can look for trendy clothing to wear without breaking your wallet, while making it look like you have spent tons of money.


A great tip and luxury of online shopping online is that you get to use promo codes, which are used to get a certain percentage off your entire purchase. If you go to the store’s social media page, they’ll usually give you one, so that is more money you can save when shopping online. The only negative side to online shopping is that the item you want could be sold out or not in stock anymore.

Shopping at the mall is a totally different story. It consist of sale percentages in big fonts to persuade you  to shop and distract you from the reason why you came. Even if you shop at the sales rack you still spend tons of money on a couple of items that you might only wear once. On the other hand, there is no better feeling than walking out with bags on each side.



One issue that everyone worries about at the mall is someone else taking a specific item that you want. Especially Black Friday there are always competition to get a specific item first which sometimes involves violence, disappointment,  or cat fights.


Which is better for you? Online shopping or mall shopping? Do what’s best for your personality type and of course what’s best for your budget.