Very Merry Bargaining: Shopping Affordably for Christmas

By Kenyae Shelton

Are you stressed about giving this Christmas? Have you found the “perfect gift?” Whether you are getting a gift for your parents, grandparents, siblings, or a friend, this is not the time spend a check and get it right back.

Keep it simple.

Here are some ways you can get a gift that they will love and still save money:


Vouchers are gifts too. Vouchers and gift cards make Christmas shopping much easier. They are easy to purchase and they reduce the stress of finding something they will like. If you get a visa gift card or a gift card or voucher to their favorite store, then they can choose their own gift.



Secret Santa is a great way to save money when deciding what to get for a group of friends or co-workers. Everyone is randomly assigned someone from the group to give a gift to under a certain amount of money, but the gift giver must keep it a secret. This tradition eliminates the stress of making sure everyone gets something and not having enough money.


If you have any items you haven’t used or aren’t open at home, I’m sure it can be useful to someone. Don’t hold on to stuff just because. Gifts you know aren’t benefiting you can be given to someone else. There’s no problem with re-gifting, especially if the gift is going to waste.


The easiest option of all is to save. Prepare ahead of time for the holiday and set money aside for whatever you want and need to buy. Also be on the lookout for holiday bargains to keep more money in your pocket. It will pay off in the end.

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