The Beauty Beyond Ferguson

With so many images of boarded up businesses, demonstrations and police coming out of Ferguson over the past year, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite spots in North County. And the best part is that all of these places are free. 

January-Wabash Memorial Park

The January-Wabash Memorial Park is located at 501 N. Florissant Rd. and has 24 acres of park land that offers everything from fishing lakes to playgrounds. The park also has a picnic pavilion for your family to enjoy a day out. And if you want to enjoy some outdoor activities, there are volleyball courts and multi-use trails! Bust out that old bread from the cabinet and go feed the ducks! 


Ferguson Public Library and Historic Trains

Ferguson municipal public library can be found at 35 N Florissant Rd. The library was founded in 1930 as a volunteer community library. The library opened on June 1st the Ferguson Municipal public library serves a population of 21, 538 people. It's right along the Ferguson City Walk, with some amazing old train cars and a nice spot to sit by the fountain and have some ice cream from The Whistle Stop. 


Dellwood Recreation Center

This recreation center has lots to offer. You can relish in their cool pool during a hot summer day. There is a game room right in the lobby of the center where you and your friends can have some friendly competition going. Also, the Dellwood Recreation Center has private rooms available for events, just in case you want to throw a party.


Columbia Bottoms Conservation Area

Columbia Bottom Conservation Area is in north St. Louis County at the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. Huge fields, lots of flowers, trees and plants, and hiking trails make this a really nice getaway from the city or the county. It's a great place to have a picnic, take a hike, ride bikes or see some cool wildlife. 


Bellefontaine Cemetery (in the city but still really cool) 

Don't be freaked out by the grave stones. Bellefontaine Cemetery is a really interesting historical site with lots of beautiful trees and amazing old buildings. This historical land holds all sorts of important figures that were a symbol. For instance, Williams Seward Burroughs who was a novelist, painter and spoken word artist, is buried there. Bellefontaine Cemetery is especially beautiful in the fall when all the leaves turn different colors. Something that can be seen as scary is made into a learning experience so next time you're in Bellefontaine, stop by.  


Fort Belle Fontaine

Fort Belle Fontaine is the First United States military park west of the Mississippi river established in 1986 in Belle Fontaine. The park has 305.6 acres of land and four main parts for you to enjoy on your visit and take a look at some cool historic sites.