The Art of Couponing

Everyone loves to shop, but no one loves to spend a lot of money. People spend, on average, $94 a day which comes out to $34,310 annually, but there is a very simple way to cut that spending nearly in half.

Coupons are a shopper’s best friend. They aren’t very hard to come by, and they save you money. You can often find coupons in magazines, on websites, on apps, and sometimes even within the store.

Lunch time can sometimes drill a hole in your pocket, but there are coupons you can use to make purchasing lunch cheaper than it normally would be. For example, McDonald’s has an app that notifies customers of deals that they’re doing for a period of time, and most fast food places have cutout coupons in various magazines. They are easy to come across and useful for grabbing a quick lunch.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that Americans spend $6,443 on groceries annually. However, grocery stores have coupons in magazines and some even have electronic coupons. Some grocery stores even go as far as having coupon dispensers in certain aisles. These are convenient coupons that you can use to cut your grocery spending while getting all the food you need.

According to JCDecaux North America, the average shopper spends about $3,910 at the mall yearly, but most stores in the mall offer you a chance to become a rewards member. Take these offers. After subscribing you may end up having an inbox full of emails from them, but they are usually electronic coupons, sale alerts, or member discounts that will save you money when you shop at those stores.