Fashion and Money: The Bloggers Who Care About Your Pockets

By Dominique Shields

Shopping for the latest fashion trends can break your bank, pinch your pockets, dent your wallet, and all of that. You worry about special occasions like Homecoming and Graduation. But, you know you can be fashion forward and still be sane about your spending. I’ll always be here to help out, so I found a few interesting fashion bloggers and websites that are all about being affordable with their fashion.


Plus Size:

To start off, there are so many plus size girls out there who have a harder time buying clothes because they are more expensive. So why not get advice from a plus size woman with a lot of style? Fashion blogger Cassandra Westfall believes that fashion is for everyBODY and she couldn’t be more right. With a blog devoted to fashion for the petite and curvy, Westfall shows off styles for every season, sometimes featuring other bloggers with the same devotion but different styles to ensure you get great ideas!


Flare Fanatic:

Blogger Sarah Watson shares her fashion tips with only pictures. She takes pictures showing off various looks for each month, showing off ensembles and highlights where she got each item from. Through her pictures, she is able to show the benefits of things  like recycling old clothes, or buying clothes that are “out of season”. This is a great blog for those of you who have a hard time throwing out old clothes because now you don’t have to. Also, a common theme you will see with her styles is off the shoulder tops, bell sleeves, or flared bottoms.


Dressing Certain Items:

Have you heard of the Thrifty Threads 365 challenge? Well, it’s a challenge that Patrice Williams, another fashion blogger, created to see if she could only thift shop with a monthly budget of $50! If that doesn’t sound like the ideal amount for you, then you most likely need to do the challenge and save yourself some major cash. But what makes Patrice stand out is how she features an item and shares multiple ways to make it work for you.


Thrift From Site:

Being a regular thrift shopper, you know it’s a task searching for those really cute items. It could be like finding a needle in a haystack sometimes. Luckily, Alana Flowers created Mae’s Closet, in memory of her late grandmother, Willie Mae Randolph, where you can get the best out of thrift stores without the horrid searching. Alana does the searching for you; all you have to do is go online and snag the good items before someone else because, well, thrift stores don’t usually have more than one of the same items.


Keep in mind that everyone that I mentioned is focused on helping you SAVE. You will find some great tips from how to finally style that shirt that doesn’t go with anything to thrift shopping without leaving the house. And for those of you who have a passion for fashion, try the affordable way. Get a move on!