3 Wallet Friendly Travel Methods

By Dominique Shields

So the holidays are right around the corner.Who's house are you going to this year? Thinking about having Christmas at Auntie Betty’s on the east coast? Or maybe you want to visit Ol' Uncle Jerry in Chicago? Either way, this is a time when everyone in the world seems to be traveling. Don't be the one person who spent your whole Christmas bonus on a plane ticket. On the Money has looked into 3 different options to travel to your family that will surely keep the dollars in your wallet.

                                 Illustration By: Leonora Dullovi

                               Illustration By: Leonora Dullovi

Mega Bus

Mega Bus is a fairly cheap option when you want to choose a method of travel that is worth your money. For example, if you plan on visiting family down in Texas, you can get a Mega Bus ticket for $80 to go to Dallas. Or if you wanted to go to Little Rock, Arkansas your ticket would only be $31. With Mega Bus, think about how metro buses work. You get dropped off at a bus station when you reach the city you’re going to, so you have to keep in mind that you will have to plan how to get to your family from the bus station. You can look into the taxi services in the city (check out our article on Uber this week), or have your family meet you at the station so you don't have to worry about paying a little extra money to go the extra mile.


If you want to try taking the train to Dallas, the roundtrip price would be around $260. Or going to Little Rock, Arkansas on the train would be around $140 roundtrip. These prices are very different from taking the Mega Bus, which would be between $65 and $160 round trip. Before you flip out about the cost difference, think about the different experience and what you might be getting with Amtrak that you’re not with Mega Bus. First off, you won’t be getting dropped off in just any part of a city. The Amtrak stations are mostly located in the downtown area of the cities. The train might be a quicker and comfortable option as well. If traveling on the road, there is a pretty good chance you will get stuck in traffic. That won’t be a worrying factor while you’re on the train because you will be on tracks! There are also food services available on the train if you get a little hungry. The only thing is the food will cost extra, depending on the class of your ticket.

Driving Yourself

This can be the time to enjoy a road trip! This could also be the time to save so much money. When you travel to your family this holiday, look into driving from city to city. The benefits to driving are almost endless; you will only spend money on gas, you choose if you want to stop for detours or not, you don’t have to spend money on food when you get hungry because you can just pack food for the road, there is a surplus of drivers on the road with you, when you’re sleepy and want to call it a night (for those trips that take long hours) you can park your car and take a power nap. Though this option does involve you doing all of the work, it will be worth it because you save more in the end. You can take your own car, or you can rent a car (usually costing about $20 a day), pack food for the road, and fill up the tank when needed!

There are three options above to make your traveling easier this year. Any choice you make will be a great choice. People like to travel differently, so there may be an option that appeals to you more than the others. Either way, you are sure to find things that you need to make the decision. Let us know where you went for the holidays!