How to Save For the Season: 3 Fall Savings Tips

By Dominique Shields

Fall is not just the time for over-sized sweaters and knee-high boots. There can be some serious saving going if you know where to look. If you don’t, have no worries, I can help! Here’s 3 tips for ya, and they’re free:

Lookout For Fall Sales

So many sales go on at the beginning of the season! Of course you have back to school sales and Black Friday sales. But did you know there are sales during Veterans Day weekend that are the same, if not better than they are on Black Friday? Also, there is a such thing as Small Business Saturday that happens the day after Black Friday! This means you have time to go ahead and plan out your weekend to hit up these sales.

Save on Car Costs

Have your own car? Well you don’t want to wait until winter for your car to need an oil change or something. The best time for you to get everything checked out is during the fall. Handle all your tune-ups, make sure your antifreeze is full, and check your tires so there is no reason for you to miss school or work. You’ll also be saving yourself a nice amount of money not having to deal with any surprises.

Cook At Home

Isn’t there something about making homemade chili or soup, curling up on the couch, and enjoying your warm and cozy home? Or for better scenery, take your meal to the front porch and watch the crispy, golden leaves falling to the ground and blowing in the wind while you savor your warm meal. Think about it; you can’t enjoy soup in the summer like you can in the fall.

Trust me, you’ll want to thank me later. So you’re welcome in advance.