The New Way to Stay

By Najee Person

Going out of town anytime soon or planning a trip to see the family for the holidays? Looking for alternative places to stay because you don’t want to sleep on the couch or that hotel on the side of the highway? A few new places where you can lay your head have popped up on the radar besides hotels in the past few years. These options can be much cheaper and more affordable for you and your travel buddies.  

No More Hotels...Let's Reserve a Loft!

The average price for hotels are about $150 to $200 a night. Prices like that can leave a pretty big dent in your pockets when you’re a college student or going on a road trip with your high school buds. The first alternative is to go to Airbnb, where hosts put their homes up for you to rent. Airbnb was founded in 2008 and is available in over 34,000 cities and 190 countries! The company is privately owned, with many known investors to keep it running. When hosts rent out their homes with Airbnb, prices can start as low as $50 a night, depending on the size and style of the place you're renting. Can you imagine reserving an entire apartment or home, cheaper than a hotel room? With Airbnb it is possible! We advise you to reserve an entire home/apartment rather than a room with a family. You'll have more privacy and it is a safer alternative. Gather your friends together, agree on a destination and divide the cost to make it affordable for everyone!

 Photo from when our Team Leader, Winnie C. used Airbnb for her Atlanta stay! She saved $100 reserving a loft instead of staying at a hotel!

Photo from when our Team Leader, Winnie C. used Airbnb for her Atlanta stay! She saved $100 reserving a loft instead of staying at a hotel!

Couch Surfing

Sleeping on somebody's couch or guest room can be seen as humbling or it can be a great opportunity to meet somebody new and save lots of money. Home Stays or Couch Surfing are often free and definitely one of the cheapest ways to rest your head when traveling. It can also be an interesting way to meet new people in a new city. You can get a home stay set up by the Hospitality networks or by checking on the internet like, a nationwide community of people who share their places with travelers like you! 

Academic Housing

When the college students flee campus for their homes over the holidays, many universities are left with a ton of empty rooms on campus. Some universities open these rooms up to the public. See for a full list of colleges that offers rooms. When staying on campus there will often times be a lot of entertainment nearby, like restaurants and bars to keep you busy and having fun.

When students go home for the summer, many colleges and universities also open their dorms to visitors. Expect basic but very affordable accommodations (bathrooms may be down the hall, for example). There are few central databases of this type of lodging is one to try -- but it's worth calling a few local campuses directly to see if anything might be available during your trip. The local tourist board may also be able to help.

With these new places that are open to people you have a lot to choose from when traveling if you’re not trying to be stuck with family. All these new lodging options have their different pros and cons, so choose whats best for you according to what you like and comfortable with. And of course, BE SAFE. Enjoy your stay in a new place an get a new experience to tell people about.