Rag Redemption

By Jenai Allen and Tubias Johnson

Oh prom, a wonderful night that will stick with you, forever. Just think of the beautiful gowns and tuxedos, lights, and music of the millennium. Prom could also be a terrible night where the energy of the Earth just doesn’t seem to be in your favor (just ask Carrie). It will also be the first of many debts for a lot of teens. After you’ve partied the night away you’re stuck with those overpriced garments. You’ve got two choices: frame it and tell your future grandchildren about that cherished memory. Or make some cash by reselling it, and give someone else the chance to redeem some of that history. The second option seems most logical and profitable...just saying.

 Illustration By:  Brock Seals

Illustration By: Brock Seals

Usually people think the only option for getting rid of prom gear is to simply give it away or send to the thrift shop. However, there are tons of boutiques and stores that will buy it off of you. How great is that? Getting money for clothes you’ll never wear again. Typically you won’t get back what you spent, but “something is better than nothing.” Sell it all! From the cufflinks to the Tiara. There are shops that practically beg for you to sell your prom stuff. Also your outfit doesn't have to be brand new. For example, say you wear your tuxedo or dress and you are dabbing, and you happen to rip your outfit. You wouldn’t have to sew it back up to sell to it, you could just sell it to 2morrow.com and they will repair it for you!

Knowing that you can resell your prom gear is a great idea. It is a good thing that you can go all out for your prom and still get some of the money you spent on prom. You can have more fun knowing that when you get done wearing your fabulous garment you can sell it for money. It is always other ways you can cherish your prom outfits. You can save it to show your children and your grandchildren. But it is also good to sell so you can save it for a rainy day. You can also save and add on money to what you have so you can save money for emergencies you may have.