5 Easy Ways to Effectively Save in October

By Dominique Shields

Have you been worried about how you need to get back on track with your savings? Or do you want to start saving now? There’s a solution to your issues and I’m here to help. October is a perfect month to save. Here’s five ways you can keep extra money in your pockets this month:


Research by Consumer Reports product experts, who track prices year-round, shows that October is an ideal time to find a deal on computers and digital cameras. So this may be the time to get that new laptop you’ve been needing for school, or invest in your future getting a better camera to start your photography portfolio.


Preparing for HALLOWEEN

There are plenty of ways you can save on Halloween alone this month. Instead of going to your local grocery store to buy candy, go to warehouse clubs like Costco or Sam’s Club to buy candy in bulk and save. You can also save money by searching for free activities in your community, making your own costumes, buying pumpkins the day before Halloween, and buying your arts and craft supplies at a dollar store. To find out more about saving for Halloween, visit here.

First Car/2015 Make

Are you ready for your first car and want a really good deal? Luckily, the 2017 models have made their way to dealers, so 2016’s models need to be cleared out to make room. This gives you a better chance negotiating prices. But waiting too long can give you less options when it comes to your selections. Others are out there with the same opportunity as you, so hop to it before it’s too late!

Plan a Summer Vacation Cruise

You might think next summer is so far away, but those rates can be scary once the time comes around. Why not do a cruise next summer and give the land and your bank account a break? October is a good month to catch early bird rates on cruises because cruise liners open up booking as early at 18 months before departure dates, and you might end up paying half of what it would cost closer to departure dates.

Energy Awareness Month

This month is National Energy Awareness Month and for good reason. Everyone knows this is the month when things start getting cool outside, and since we’re all still used to the warm sun blazing Vitamin D into our bodies, the little chill outside is enough to convince us to turn up our thermostats and raise our heating bills. There are other ways to warm up, though. You could open your curtains during the day for the natural sunlight to warm your home, put your fireplace to use or invest in one, and you can even start sealing your windows to keep the cool air from coming in.