It’s All in the Tips: A Couple Awesome Tips for the Holidays

By Dominique Shields

Even though Thanksgiving is over, the giving season is right around the corner. I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited for the holidays that are just ahead. In the spirit of giving, I decided that I should give you some tips on preparing for the holidays. Thank me later.

Make a List with a Budget

There is a reason Santa checks his list twice, or has a list at all. If you write it down, you are more likely to remember it. If you budget the prices, there is very little that could go wrong when it's time to make purchases. You can get the shopping done more efficiently when you already know what you have to spend and what you’re spending money on. Get it, check it off, and get going.

Use Gift Cards and Get a Bonus

Around this time, there are different stores that have special discount for shoppers who buy gift cards. So if you were struggling with what the perfect gift is for some people, let them choose their own gifts, and get one for yourself. Even better, you can add money for gifts on a gift card to get a freebie gift card from certain retailers. During this time, they want to capitalize on the increased traffic coming through and will often give free gift cards to customers who spend a certain amount on a gift card purchase.

I sincerely hope these few tips help you in your holiday shopping endeavors, and you get inspired enough to get gifts for everyone this year! I want to help so much that I want to give you a bonus tip: Get creative. Make a gift for someone this year and really put your all into it, because for some people it really is the thought that counts! Happy Holidays!