Valentine’s Day: What to Wear for Love

By Dominique Shields


The love is almost in the air, and your outfit can speak volumes if you want it to. People love being original and thinking out the box for this particular holiday, but what to wear can be just as important as what you plan on doing to celebrate, if you know what to wear. Sometimes what you have in your closet is just as good as going out and buying something new, so there could be a chance to save some money too. Look no further if you want to spark some ideas for your date:




Ladies, for a casual date, the best look to go for is casual yet classy. A simple top and jeans combo that you already have can be dressed up with nice and new accessories and statement pieces. For example, a scarf or statement necklace from places like Walmart or Forever 21 will cost you about $10 compared to the $50 you might’ve spent on a whole new outfit!


Guys have to pay attention to looking too casual. If you want to wear jeans, a nice collar shirt or t-shirt (depending on whether or not you want a sweater or cardigan) can take your casual look to the next level. Try a pair of colored jeans for a bonus on your look. But I recommend you wear jeans you already have since the average cost of good quality jeans can be about $40 and sometimes more. That sweater though, can be purchased from Urban Outfitters for $10, and I think your date will like it too.



If you and your date plan on doing something between a movie and an expensive dinner then you may want to be a bit more ‘dressy’ for the occasion. Throw some heels on and voila, you’re ready! Boots like the pair above cost $25 online, and that’s a steal!


Guys, a pair of khakis can go a looong way. Don’t be too hesitant to pair them with a nice sweater/collar shirt combo and some nice shoes and you’ll look great. A great pair of suede shoes, looking similar to the pair above, adds that touch of semi-formal to your look and costs about $45 from stores like Journeys and Zappos.



Ladies, do I need to explain this one? I don’t think so! I’m sure every girl has that one special outfit for that one special night. Valentine’s could very well be that night, so pull out your nicest dress and heels and get glamorous. Because nice things tend to cost more, looking for that perfect dress at a thrift store can guarantee you a low price. To find good thrift stores in St. Louis, click here.


What says formal more than a suit? Nothing, that’s what. Wearing a “partial” suit costs much less, though. The cost of a vest can be as low as $18 from Target and you can get away with wearing your best pair of interview pants, keeping more money in your pockets.


I hope you can find a killer outfit to enjoy Valentine’s day with the special people in your life. Make the most of the day, and look good doing it!