Feeding a Holiday Dinner to 5 Under $25

by Dominique Shields

Thanksgiving is approaching and many are celebrating over a big cooked dinner! The team of On the Money are getting together for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner and we were able to shop on a budget! The core team consists of five members and we didn't spend over $25! See how you can shop the same here! We even included a custom budget sheet for you!

Why You Need to Understand Credit

By Najee Person

Do you have a credit card? Yes? No? Regardless, you need to understand that you have a credit history attached to your name, social security number and more. We have outlined why it is important for you to know your credit status, credit history and how to maintain great credit. Even if you plan to 'cash out' and not go the plastic route, that effects you as well. Check out more here!

Free Things To Do With Family For Thanksgiving

By Dominique Shields

We found these free/affordable activities that are perfect for this year's Turkey Day! Not only are they all free/affordable, but these activities create a ton of fun with your friends and family! There are many ideas from a family potluck to inventing unique games! Check out what we've created just for you here!