The Truth About Money and Smoking Cigarettes

By Dominique Shields

How much are teens risking with their smoking habits?

What are some unknown consequences to smoking?

How easy is it to quit?

Are you a smoker? 

Here are 3 important reasons how teens financially impact tobacco companies and why teens shouldn't smoke:

You save money...Duh

Do you really want to spend $5 on a pack of cigarettes all the time? The average price of a box of cigarettes is $5. If you buy a pack every week that's $20/month. You can purchase a basic Wi-Fi plan for $20/month. You can enjoy 4 $5 movies at AMC theaters with your friends. Which is more beneficial for you? Buying cigarettes can dent your pockets really quick and before you know it, you’re broke and asking for money. You end up with a habit you can’t afford to have. So why do it? Just say no guys!

Need more sleep? Put the cigarette down.

I bet you didn’t know that smoking can keep you up? Maybe you did know, but the point is that smoking will keep you up at night. The addiction to nicotine will have your urges calling out to you. That addiction is all you will hear while you want to get a good night’s rest. Next time you fall asleep in class, just go in your bag, throw away your cigarettes, and climb into bed...once you get home from school of course.

Hearing is something you want to keep right?Stop Smoking.

People who smoke have a 70% greater chance at losing hearing than people who don’t smoke. Whoa, I didn’t even know that at first. Surely you don’t want to lose out on your hearing just to get a little nicotine in your system, do you? Of course not, so put the squares down man.

Did you know that for every dollar anti-tobacco companies like TRUTH, spend on their advertising, pro-tobacco companies are spending twenty dollars? That means as hard as these anti-tobacco companies are working to get teens not to smoke, the tobacco companies are paying twenty times as much. That makes teens more vulnerable to smoke. We don’t want that.