4 Amazing Ways to Show Her You Care Without Breaking Your Pocket

By Lekia Zegenee

Guys, we all know Valentine’s Day is coming up. It’s that one time of the year that you put a little more effort into making that special person in your life feel extra special. We all want to be the big baller and buy her a diamond ring and take her to a five star restaurant, but all those things cost money and your money is short. So here are some awesome ways to make her feel like a queen without turning yourself into a peasant.

1. Take her to the Zoo: The Zoo is free. What else is there to say? Let her see some awesome animals, cuddle with her while you’re walking, tell her she looks beautiful and have a picnic around the birds.

2. Make it a Redbox Night: Don't spend $20+ on the theater. Rent a movie from your nearest Redbox, buy some snacks and laugh together on the sofa.

3. Turn your house into a nail salon: Do her nails for her. It’ll make her feel special and create bonding between the both of you.

4. Go to a Park: Take her on a sunset stroll in a romantic park setting. Save your money and watch the sunset for free.

Good Luck!!! Make cupid proud!