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4 Holiday savings tips!

1. Use physical cash more often: In today’s world, using real cash doesn’t happen too often. For some spending only from their card can lead to unintentional shopping sprees. One easy way to track your spending is to ditch the plastic and use cash. Withdraw only the amount you can afford to spend. Once that money is gone, your holiday shopping is done. 

2. Make a shopping list and stick to it: Having a shopping strategy is key if you’re trying to save money during the holidays. When you’ve thought out who you are shopping for and have a rough idea of what you will buy them the process will be smoother and your holiday savings will potentially be a lot higher.

3. Start early and research: The holidays probably aren’t on your mind in the middle of summer, or even two days after they’re finished. But, depending on what gifts you’re planning to purchase and what holiday expenses are in store for your budget, they should be. The earlier you start the better. 

4. Give something homemade and from the heart: Getting your friends and family the most expensive gifts may seem like the best thing to do. But, giving something homemade allows you to show your true gratitude and it helps you save money. So this year, instead of fancy electronics and the latest shoes, try baked goods or DIY projects. 

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