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Boss Up!!

We all have a dream of starting our own company or business, being able to make all the decisions and make money is ideally what we all desire, well here are a few facts to get you on the right track to see if becoming an entrepreneur is for you.

A career in entrepreneurship isn’t for just anyone. This demanding and exciting field requires passion, focus and the willingness to take risks. Entrepreneurs take problems or inconveniences in life and see them as an opportunity to create a product or service. Though salaries vary, working for a successful start-up can also end up being incredibly lucrative, not to mention an exciting experience. Enjoying what you do and feeling passionate about your work will make you a happier person in the long term.

Though entrepreneurship can often require long hours, the benefit of building a business is that you are in charge of deciding when you want to work. Instead of the monotonous 9-5 set-up, you’re able to have more independence and freedom. It’s not that you are doing less work, but rather that you’re able to choose when you want to work in order to accommodate other activities in your life.

Don’t expect to always be working from inside an office while working for or creating your own start-up. Entrepreneurs and other start-up founders often work from home or while traveling, instead of within an office. You have a large degree of agency and control in what’s happening when you’re starting your own company. You get to build a team, decide where the company is going, and call the shots.

Being able to see how your business has contributed to the local economy and provided jobs is incredibly rewarding. Your role as a business leader in your community is important and respectable. So if this sounds like a plan for you, don’t delay…start today!

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