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When in doubt, stack your clout!

Don't know what to do with your money? Opening a savings and checking account is detrimental in today's times, it's a great way to learn financial responsibility and also prepare for the future.

1. Find a bank or credit union that works for you, if your younger than 18 years of age, most banks will allow you to open up an account with parental or guardian access.

2. Many banks are ready to help you get started and offer consultation from a personal banker to answer all of your questions. This process will help you choose the best type of account for your spending needs.

3. Always try to set a realistic goal for saving and spending, and never spend what you don't have!

With many of us being busy with work or school it's hard to physically visit a bank for every concern, but no worries, many institutions have made it easy by allowing online banking. Online banking gives you the opportunity to track your spending transactions at the tip of your fingers. Going online allows you to monitor your account, move money from one account to the other and check your available balance before heading out for a night on the town, giving you the peace of mind of not overspending. Traditional banks have a more personalized service that allows building a bond with the staff allowing you to trust them with your finances. For a quick overview,

online works great. Always do what makes you more comfortable because at the end of the day this is your money we're talking about.

Getting wiser one cent at a time.

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